Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A sliver or a facet?

Oh how we fragment ourselves and our interactions with people across all mediums and social circles.  Do you ever wonder if it is the real you that you are portraying to those you interact with?  Can you truly show any one person every aspect of yourself and really get to know someone entirely?

I do not believe that you can.  I do not believe that it is possible to communicate everything that you are to any other soul on this planet.  Because the real you that you may be portraying at any given moment is most likely to be a piece of what you are.

I've heard people say that we only gives slivers of ourselves to people.  But I'm not sure I fully agree with the notion, I'd like to take it a step further.  I think that we are all multi-dimensional personalities, meaning that there are so many facets to us much like the many facets in a cut gem.  And which facet you are presently interacting with depends upon which world I might be swimming in at that given moment.

Take as an example the various faces we all wear.  I wear one face to the office, and I have another that I wear at home.  When I'm with my friends, that is another face.  When I am surfing the net, there are even a few more faces that might be worn.  The gamer, the photographer, the intellect, the blogger, the researcher, the explorer, the conversationalist, the politician, the citizen, the architect, the artist, the dreamer, the inspired.  The list can go on and on.

So while I do feel we have various facets, and sometimes those facets are made to be contained within a facade as we all have various defenses we must maintain in EVERY walk of life.  In the case of the internet, your identity is golden and must be protected.

I'm not suggesting that I am openly deceiving anyone in my life, regardless of the medium.  I'm suggesting that the portion of my life that whomever I am interacting with across the various mediums is observing and engaging with whatever facet is catching the light of said medium.  They are not necessarily separate and distinct sides of me, but rather various surfaces that make up my whole being.  I cannot separate them, for they are all equal parts that make up who I am.

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