Sunday, May 9, 2010

I want my MID

I just envision Dire Straights singing... "I want my meta ID..."

And yes, I'm listening to the track as I type this...

I want a universal meta ID.  Something that follows me across all social media platforms I chose to consume.  I shouldn't have to log into my blog, twitter, gmail,, facebook,, news sites, youtube or any other site with anything other than a single, universal meta ID.

OpenID, Disqus, would one of you get it together?  Tackle the world!  Make those monolithic beasts come to terms with the reality of single sign on?  I want my SSO!  Oova mova!

The notion of SSO is actually not that difficult, and I hope these large social players all embrace the concept.  Take a look at Disqus ( as an example, your comments can be aggregated to a single repository with a common ID.  Oh and by the way, Disqus links to OpenID.

Hello?  Is there anyone out there?  Sorry, that is a Pink Floyd song.

Anyway, I just want something simple yet elegant.  And the technology is in place.  It just takes these large social platforms to realize that they don't have to be so proprietary.  Someone else has figured out the authentication thing, let them do that.  You just handle the linking.

Then we can all just get along.

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